Motive Power

Woodbury Models have produced a number of locomotive kits all are currently out of stock following the Covid 19 pandemic.

L001 Planet SCW class Industrial Diesel Shunting Locomotive


Our Model is made to 10mm scale and is based on our prototype development model that we have now run extensively and is capable of handling 10 wagons at scale speeds.



The current proposed specification is as follows:

Machined cast iron wheels and steel axles with large brass bearings by Walsall Model Industries

Ready folded laser cut steel frame and motor mount.

High quality machined 1:50 worm (Nylatron GS) and worm wheel (brass) manufactured by Gear Services (Letchworth) Ltd. from their Ultrascale Products range, both axles driven by Acetal molded plastic lubrication free light power chain and sprockets as per prototype locomotive.


Pre-production underframe unit (without chain fitted)

Machined sprung buffers with scale oversize heads.

Laser cut body and underframe from ‘Rowmark’ with tab and slot construction for easy of assembly.

Vacuum formed bonnet and cab roof.

Etched brass makers plates.

8 x AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries.

Woodbury Models are pleased to be working with Fosworks as our radio control specialists to equip this model with a bespoke 2.4 GHz Radio control (complete with single knob transmitter, receiver, electronic speed controller and plug and play wiring harness with fuse, charging socket and on/off switch), radio control handsets  and can be used with and other models once bound to a receiver. (Radio control free option will be available for constructors who wish to build this as a two rail locomotive or have there own preference for RC equipment)

Optional 2.4-14.4V battery chargers (Manual or Smart).

Optional insulated wheel sets for two rail operation or to G1MRA fine standards

Our intention is to produce a kit that can be assembled with a basic level of skills and tools similar to assembling a ‘Airfix’ type kit making it ideal for starters in G1 while retaining a reasonable level of prototypical detail, but allowing easy enhancement and improvements for the more experienced constructor.

The basic Planet loco has plenty of scope for the experienced modeller to ‘kit bash’ into a number of variations including the ballasted ‘Foden’ engine locos produced for the Admiralty dock yards and later diesel hydraulic types, a ‘Google’ search soon reveals the wide verity of these small locos in livery and local adaptations.

Images of Pre-Production kit.

IMG_1300 IMG_1302 IMG_1303 IMG_1304 IMG_1305

Bespoke storage and transport box made from laser cut 4mm ply with simple tab and slot construction are available for £35.00 including hardware, they feature two compartments to hold battery charger, remote control and essential tools for a days running. The box also makes a convenient stand to charge your loco.

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In development

0-6-0 BR/Industrial diesel shunting locomotive as originally built by Hudswell Clarke of Leeds.

we are currently working from works drawings to develop this locomotive kit, this will be a combination of laser cut steel, etched brass and 3 d printed and turned accessories.

HC loco image

BR Black Hudswell

BR green HC

This will again be aimed as a starter locomotive with laser cut steel frames fully welded ready to accept ready quartered cast iron wheels and a powerful double reduction motor and gearbox. The model will include high level of detail, supplied complete with on board rechargeable batteries and 2.4GHz radio control equipment, an industrial variant would also be available.