Gauge 3

We are currently developing a range of models in Gauge 3, these models are not just scaled from our Gauge 1 products but are redesigned to make the most of the possibilities presented by modeling in Gauge 3, Models are produced from works drawings and detailed surveys of surviving models where possible.

All kits are produced from sustainable Finnish Birch ply and timber section, details are produced from engraving laminate and etched brass where appropriate to replicate iron strapping.

Kits are proposed to be offered in various forms.

Scratch Aids: Laser cut timber sections with basic instructions to allow the builder to construct the main body, while they add the detail of their choice, idea if builder wants to produce a special variation of a type.

Body Kits: A kit to build a complete body of a vehicle, with all required materials (excluding paints and transfers) and including sole bar detail where the prototype is wood. The builder will be required to provide running gear, buffers etc based on their own personal preference.

Complete Kit: Complete kits will include all parts and materials (excluding paint and transfers) to build a running gauge 3 wagon.


With our system of manufacture we can provide most variations of wagon diagrams.

Midland Railway Diagram 298 Calf van (inc LMS D1819 variant)


LMS Cattle wagon to MR diagram 298/LMS D1661  (drawing 5540) including medium size wagon to D294

We can produce all forms of timber framed cattle wagons from the Midland Railway medium size van of 1893 to LMS large cattle wagon to D1840.

Cattle wagons include interior details.

Midland Railway Coke wagon to diagram 342

Midland Railway 5 plank open wagon to diagram 302/663A

Including drop door and steel end stanchion variants.

This Kit is currently being placed into production please contact if you would like to order.

Midland Railway Covered Goods Wagons 14’11” and 16’6″ long

Midland Railway 20Ton Brake Van 6w and 4w to diagram 393 and 1045

LMS 20 Ton Brake van

North Eastern Railway 20T hopper wagon

These were possibly the iconic wagon of the north east many lasting in colliery service into the 1980’s

North Eastern Railway Diagram G1 covered goods wagon

Built from 1896 until 1902

Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Diagram 3 covered goods wagon

This model represents the middle period of build for these long lived wagons.

Next Projects

We are currently working on our next wagon the GWR outside timber framed covered goods wagon.