Bereavement support

We have supported a number of bereaved family and estates over a number of years now in the management, valuation and disposal of various model, model making and model engineering items following the loss of a loved one.

We can provide support on a sensitive, no pressure basis at these difficult times to assess and manage as required the assets that are left following a death, we recognise that often collections amassed over many years can often be jumbled and disorganised including part made models and often unfamiliar items, and we can provide a friendly service to identify and maximise the value of these models, tools etc.

If required we are happy to work with solicitors etc. and can provide realistic valuations based on market values.

We are willing to work in the best way to suit and will consider the purchase and clearance of collections and workshops, or alternatively offer a commission sales service where we are often at a lower percentage rate than auction houses while able to return a higher sale price because of our ability to identify component parts and accessories for part built models, tools etc. that bring additional value, or to recommission and test models that then can be sold in working order as opposed to condition unknown.

We will always look to support and will tailor our service around your needs, to minimise intrusion and disturbance.