About Us

Woodbury Models was established in 2012 as an extension to our own modelling activities.
As  professional engineers we have been using computer aided design in our ever day work and it appears natural to apply the same systems to my own modelling, this we have been doing for many years with considerable success.
For some time we had been impressed at the possibilities of laser cutting and engraving, having first witnessed the process the process in the late 1980’s. Enquiries at the time showed that for low volume work the system was uneconomic.
However times change and with the advances in computing and technology, small scale laser cutting equipment for non-metallic materials has been developed for educational and other uses.
After a number of attempts at out sourcing our own laser cutting work it became apparent that most commercial companies did not understand the needs of the modeller, from the work we had produced myself and seen produced by others we were convinced that it was worth perusing, and after much market research our own machine was purchased.
Following a number of positive comments about some of our first models we also was asked if I could offer to supply the laser cut parts, and thus Woodbury Models was established.
Where possible models are designed from original works drawings or detailed surveys and research, and subject to material limitations are a scale representation of the prototype, each model has scope for ‘super detailing’ but my intention has always been to get basics right and let the constructor add the level of detail they require.
We now offer an ever increasing range of kits and services including CAD, bespoke laser cutting in a variety of material, material supplies, vacuum forming low volume casting of small parts in non-ferrous metals & one off chemical etching for various media.